Royal India Shop

The Everything Shop.  

Royal India Shop is a major online business that offers a wide range of products, including food, apparel, stationery, home goods, electronics, toys, and more, either directly to customers or acting as an intermediary between other shops and a vast number of consumers.

Idea Inception

Our client came in with an intuitive idea and passion. They wanted to create a major “Everything shop” online to satisfy all the needs and wants of the general public. Their website bridges the gap between the consumers for basic necessities like groceries, home products, fashion and, more through their marketplace. After choosing the products online they deliver it to our doorstep. 

Our Solution

We at Digital Phora developed an all-encompassing, sophisticated, and user-friendly website that can entirely meet customers’ basic necessities needs. The website is all-inclusive of a marketplace to buy these products and contact the sellers as well.  

Website Flow
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Top Features
Profile Creation

Google Fit Integration

Secure and Multiple Payment Options

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